Here, There, Herein, Therein

The installation Here, There, Herein, Therein was Bada’s 2012 graduation piece from the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The piece reflects on Emőke’s homes, the places and countries she has lived in. Transplanting old roots and growing new ones in unfamiliar places was her main theme. The work consists of a large circle with 4 boxes., each box representing a country she lived in. It can only be viewed in dark, when lit the by ultra violet bulbs within each cube. At the base of each box grows a root made of pixels in different colours. In today’s digital world people carry their most important information, memories, contacts on various devices, and on these objects data is stored digitally. That is why the installation is in the dark, because the actual physical shape of data is something the human eye cannot perceive by itself. The roots of a tree remains unknown until it is dug up with a lot of effort, the digital roots are something Bada thinks everyone has, but are not easily visible.