Photos courtesy of Gábor Erdei and Platan Gallery

We are all ridiculous – according to György G. Kardos, author of the novel translated to most of the world’s languages. The artists of Dissimulare are also aware of this and portray themselves in a grotesque or serious manner, with make-up and without make-up, in strange poses, interesting people in an interesting company. Zsuzsa Richter promises to surprise all our guests with gastronomic specialties. Many beautiful women who can laugh at themselves – what more do you need? Borbála Szanyi’s iron lace sculptures invoke old socialist factories, Emőke Bada’s, borrowed clothes are a distinct identities in themselves – this is truly dissimulare, to be wear a disguise, but Bea Krusovszky also disguising herself in special poses with tigers, Patricia Jagicza wears Mexican warrior masks and clothes . No one has to introduce Kati Verebics’ erotic self-portraits, Ági Verebics’ lugubrious animal illustrations, and Andrea Gombos suprises us with images were she dons make-up and and were she doesn’t, which is also a dissimulare – for without the make-up we realize that time brings out its own image on our faces.

Exhibiting artists:

Emőke Bada, Andrea Gombos, Patricia Linda Jagicza, Bea Kusovszky, Borbála Szanyi, Ági Verebics, Kati Verebics

The exhibition is opened by Ágnes Herold, writer

After the vernissage: FOOD MACHINE!

Dates: 2013. October 29 – November 8

Works exhibited: