Relative Time

Photos: Dorottya Pál / BPF

Digital art today – a selection of works by young artists

The exhibition makes use of three spaces at the same time to address the concept of time and its relationship to space. With its industrial forms and subterranean position, the basement of Három Holló is removed from the bustle of the city, offers an opportunity for a fictitious sensation of time. Opening onto always busy Kazinczy Street, MyMuseum’s hall thematizes its hurried time. The passageway on the gallery of Uránia represents the space of intermediate time, non-time, time that cannot be put to use.

In the three, completely different spaces the focus is on harmony and disharmony between internal and external time, showing the relationship of man and the environment from various angles. The exhibition spaces thus function as laboratories of “urban time,” in which the heterogeneous manifestations of time can be analysed and experienced.

The complete exhibition is on view between 14–21 April, with the show at MyMuseum extended until 3 June.

The event was jointly organized with MyMuseum, Budapest Spring Festival 2018 and Budapest Photo Festival.

Exhibiting artists: BADA Emőke, MARTINKÓ Márk, MURÁNYI Kristóf,NEOGRÁDY-KISS Barnabás, NYÍRI Barbara, PITI Marcell, RAJNAI Ákos, RUBI Anna, Eirini SOURGIADAKI, SZABÓ Eszter, SZARVAS, SZAUDER Dávid, SZENDRŐ Veronika, Isabel VAL

Location: Drei Raben – Piarista köz 1. 1052 Budapest, Hungary

Work exhibited: I am a Container ➤