April 14, 2018

Relative Time

Photos: Dorottya Pál / BPF Digital art today – a selection of works by young artists The exhibition makes use of three spaces at the same time to address the concept of time and its relationship to space. With its industrial forms and subterranean position, the basement of Három Holló is removed from the bustle of the city, offers an opportunity for a fictitious sensation of time. Opening onto always busy ...


May 17, 2016

Føreign Objects

Photos: Olga Lukyanova, Palle Dahlstedt Five different projects exploring the interplay between art, design, science and technology will be presented. They approach a broad range of issues of contemporaneity exploring them from various perspectives. As a result, poetical games will be found alongside a group of bots talking to each other, accompanied by trapping networks, alientopias, and, a smart cave. The ...


October 09, 2015

NeighbourArt – interview

Lili Farkas-Zentai took the time to ask me a few questions about me, my practice and my inspirations.  Enjoy the ...


The tradition of Studio of Young Artists’ annual exhibitions is practically as old as the Studio itself. The organization was created by the cultural political leaders in 1958, right after the '56 revolution. It was a major turning point in the Studio's history when, after the political changes in 1989, it was turned into an artists' association, an organizational framework that was established as a result of the ...