May 29, 2013

Salon in Progress

Democratic salon for artists. Művelődési Szint (MÜSZI)Arts centre & community spaceBlaha Lujza square 1. 1085 Budapest [Corvin department store, 3rd floor, entrance from Somogyi Béla street, green door] Opening/Megnyitó 2013/05/29 8pmClosing/Finissage 2013/06/05 6pm Info: Twitter: @Saloninprogress Recent changes in Hungary have seen a mixing of cultural and state policy. With the appointment of the ...


October 17, 2012

Take a Moment or More

Images courtesy of Szatyor Bar and Gallery Emőke Bada's work on Szatyor Plazma's screen. The exhibition was opened by Edit Tangl. It was open from October 17 to November 30, 2012. Works exhibited: I am a container ➤Meaningless ➤Paintball paplojemark ➤Cat Scratch ➤Putting Things in Perspective ➤ Real Presence 9 Vernissage ➤ Location:Szatyor Bar and ...


July 05, 2012


Hybridart, breaking with its previous traditions, in July 2012, will organise ART MOMENTS, a visual arts festival in the heart of the city, focusing on a central location complex (Design Terminal, Aquarium Club . This year's festival focuses on art platforms that reflect current social and cultural issues through a young artist generation. Exhibiting artists: Albert Ádám, Antal Balázs, Antal István, Balázs ...


Exhibitors: BADA Emőke Majohunbo, BESSENYEI Katalin, CSÜLLÖG András, MÓZES Réka, RUSZTY László, SZENTPÉTERY Annamária, TILLMANN Adél Hanna Exhibition venue and date: MKE, Barcsay hall June 19-22 Thesis Defense: June 21, ...